black mold Just when you thought you’d faced the worst of it after a disaster, you find out that your home now has mold to contend with. It might be black mold or another less dangerous type, but it was likely the last thing you thought would happen. Here is why black mold can show up after a disaster.

First, it can take a while to get the water cleaned up after a flood, hurricane or other disaster. Everyone is clamoring at once for help and there aren’t enough cleanup crews to answer every call simultaneously. One way to prevent being on the bottom of the list is to call right away. The longer you wait, the more people will be ahead of you. When you call, ask what things you can and should be doing to help in the meantime. Keep a good record, including pictures, while removing standing water and waterlogged belongings.

Going beyond the water is the increase in humidity. Even when you get the water out, the lingering humidity can be enough to satisfy the growth requirements of mold spores. Engage the use of a dehumidifier to get indoor humidity below 50 percent as soon as possible. If you can get the affected area dry and humidity down in the first two to four days, you stand a better chance of preventing mold from getting started.

Here at TMS Property Solutions, we go above and beyond to respond quickly during emergency situations for water damage cleanup and restoration. We are happy to help you with advice for reducing the chance of black mold or other mold species from making matters worse than they already are. Call us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to take care of the problem promptly.