Mold Damage Repair, Cornelius, NC

Even the big mold damage repair projects in Cornelius don’t scare us!

Mold Damage Repair in Cornelius, North CarolinaIt is a common misconception that mold simply grows on surfaces, so all that is needed is some cleaning chemicals and a sponge is to kill it and remove it. Here at TMS Property Solutions, we handle that part of the process safely and effectively, and then we go to work on the mold damage repair. Mold survives by getting energy from the organic surface on which it lives and breeds. That life cycle does cause damage to that material, such as your Cornelius, North Carolina home’s drywall, baseboards, shelving, carpets, and more. Our mold remediation services go the whole mile restoring your home, so you’d never know there was mold present.

We tackle any kind of mold, and with proven techniques, we eliminate it from surfaces and from the air in your home. We then look to the cause and provide you with solutions for keeping the mold from returning. The last thing you need to do after mold damage repair is face it over and over again. With our comprehensive mold damage repair services, you shouldn’t need to.

If your mold issue is extensive, we can also move belongings to our storage facility to get them safely out of the way. While this isn’t necessary for most projects, it is part of our commitment to have a solution for any need. We aren’t afraid of the big projects, either, so if you’re trying to restore a neglected, abandoned home you are considering investing in and have a huge mold issue, contact us for a quote to take care of the mold damage repair. We are happy to do this before you close on the property, so you can be sure of what you’ll be putting into the restoration.

For all your mold damage repair needs, count on our 12+ years of experience and dedication to give you the results you expect.

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