Emergency Fire Damage Restoration, Mooresville, NC

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Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Mooresville, North Carolina
If you have recently experienced a fire at your home or business in Mooresville, North Carolina, we understand that you don’t want to wait one more day than is necessary to get your life back to normal. Every day your business cannot operate costs you more money. If you have experienced a house fire, you just want to feel at home again. Here at TMS Property Solutions, we specialize in emergency fire damage restoration and pride ourselves on returning your property to its original state.

We have experience with all types of emergency fire damage restoration. We can repair damage caused by soot and ash, charring and smoke. We can help remove the fire odor from your property. Even a small fire can cause widespread soot and smoke damage in the form of a film that covers almost everything in your home or business. Also, if the fire department extinguished your fire, they probably used fire retardant chemicals and water to do so, which adds to your emergency fire damage restoration needs. They may have even had to punch holes in walls or in the ceiling of your building.

We can help you make sense of insurance paperwork throughout the claims process. We can work with your insurance company and can also help you understand the report that is issued by the fire department. We will work together to evaluate your property’s needs and how many of your possessions can be cleaned and restored and how many will need to be replaced. Give us a call at TMS Property Solutions today and let us help you get back to your routine faster.