Mold Removal, Mooresville, NC

For thorough mold removal in your Mooresville home, call us for full-service care and effective results.

Mold Removal in Mooresville, North Carolina
Mold spores in your Mooresville, North Carolina home are tricky little organisms. They love to hide in dank, dark locations and will thrive as long as there is sufficient food and moisture. Your home’s structure is a tasty meal, and ventilation or a leak gives them the second part of the equation. If you suspect mold because you smell its distinctive aroma or maybe you even see it somewhere, it is time to call us at TMS Property Solutions.

Our mold removal services are more comprehensive than most mold removal companies because we don’t just get rid of the mold, we restore the damage and resolve what caused the mold to become an unwelcome resident in the first place. We have had years of experience with mold removal, so we are experts at the various types of mold and how to remove them safely. Some mold species are more dangerous than others, but they all can cause respiratory distress. We take precautions so that we do not further spread the mold spores, and we don’t consider a mold removal job completed until we feel we’ve removed the danger from your home.

Mold growth can happen slowly from a small leak or rather quickly with major water damage that hasn’t been resolved quickly enough. If you experience a broken pipe or other flooding situation, know that we are available for emergency calls 24/7, so we can get the water removed and your home dry before mold can take up residence in the first place.

For all your mold removal and other emergency cleanup needs, think of us first. We can even help you deal with the insurance claim to get your home back to its original condition as soon as possible.