drywall repairNoticing mold on your walls or even the ceiling is not something you should ignore. Mold shows up when there is a moisture problem and it is could be going on behind the drywall. The first thing to recognize is that the drywall is not going to be salvageable. You’ll need to remove it and do drywall repair regardless of the underlying cause for the mold.

If the mold is on the ceiling, there is either a leak or the humidity in that room has not been properly dealt with. Showering without a vent and not having your air conditioner set properly can create a humid environment that mold loves. Mold does more than set on the surface of drywall. Because drywall is porous, the mold can grow into it easily. The only solution is drywall repair to replace the affected section.

Mold growing on the walls can also be a humidity factor, but is generally because of a leaking pipe behind the wall. You’ll need drywall repair to replace the drywall damaged by the mold, but also to gain access to repair the leak.

Drywall repair is something that you may be able to handle comfortably as a DIY project, but if it is because of a mold issue, you may want to leave that for a professional. Mold can be tricky to effectively remove and if it is a particularly toxic species, it can make you and your family ill if not removed properly.

Here at TMS Property Solutions, we provide full-service mold damage restoration services, including taking care of the drywall repair. We have many years of experience with restoration, so you can be sure your home will look like there was never a problem at all after we’re done.