Fire Damage Repair, Mooresville, NC

When you are ready for fire damage repair in Mooresville, we are ready to help.

Fire Damage Repair in Mooresville, North Carolina
Fire damage repair is a painstaking process. Not only do you have to recover from the damage caused by the flames, but further damage is caused by the heat of the fire, the smoke, and even the water and flame retardant used to put out the fire. After you have experienced a fire in your property in Mooresville, North Carolina, you may feel overwhelmed by the extent of the necessary fire damage repair. We want to help. All you need do is call us at TMS Property Solutions.

The fire damage repair process cannot start until the fire is completely extinguished. Make sure you wait for emergency personnel to give you permission to reenter your property. Your insurance company needs to be notified of the fire right away. We are very familiar with the insurance claims process for fire damage repair work and are happy to help with the initial paperwork and work directly with your insurance company throughout the claim process.

We are here to help you through every step of the fire damage repair process. We can help secure your property to prevent looting. We can help you understand the fire report provided by your local fire department, which will give specific details about the fire and damage caused. You may wonder why the fire department put holes in walls or ceilings, but rest assured that we can help make your house feel like a home again. We can also help with all types of fire damage repair, including water damage and mold prevention, so give us a call today.

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