Fire Damage Repair, Cornelius, NC

Our fire damage repair services tackle the fire, smoke, water, and mold damage that your Cornelius home and belongings have experienced.

Fire Damage Repair in Cornelius, North Carolina
Restoring your Cornelius, North Carolina home after a fire has to take into account more than just what has been scorched. Here at TMS Property Solutions, we have the expertise to resolve all the issues you may be facing, including water damage from firefighter efforts, smoke permeating into the rest of the home and your belongings, and potentially mold if the water removal wasn’t done timely enough. Our fire damage repair extends beyond removing the water, smoke, and mold to restore your home, so you and your family can return to it and see no signs that a fire ever occurred.

We understand that going through a fire is traumatic, and dealing with the insurance company afterward for a fire damage repair claim doesn’t help. That is why we help you with the initial paperwork and then work directly with your insurance company to get your rebuild claim handled, leaving no money on the table.

We have plenty of off-site storage that enables us to remove your belongings while we work on the home. This safeguards them from theft and further damage that could occur if they were to remain in the home. We also work on those items that have been damaged by smoke, water, and fire to restore what we can. If you have belongings that are particularly important to you, it will help to know that we have a proven track record of restoring things that others think are hopeless.

You can’t ask for more when it comes to fire damage repair because there is nothing we leave out when making sure your experience is as pleasant as possible. We’ve had more than a decade dealing with fire damage repair, and our owner works side-by-side with our full staff of experienced professionals to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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