Basement Flood, Mooresville, NC

We take care of every aspect of recovery if you experience a basement flood at your Mooresville property.

Basement Flood in Mooresville, North Carolina
If a flood occurs on the main floor of your home, it is pretty obvious, and you are likely to call for help immediately as long as you aren’t away from home at the time. A basement flood, on the other hand, can go unnoticed unless you routinely go into your Mooresville, North Carolina home’s basement to do laundry or because it is a finished living space. The problem is that a lapse of time can result in additional issues beyond the usual soaked belongings and minor water damage. Here at TMS Property Solutions, we are equipped to handle your basement flood situation, even if it has gone unnoticed for a while.

In fact, we are the perfect company to call in this type of situation because we are experienced with not just getting the water out, but also restoring whatever has become damaged. We also have sufficient storage to take your items to be worked on and get them out of the way while we work on restoring your basement. We have an excellent record of salvaging items that have been soaked in a basement flood that most would think were beyond saving. We can’t restore every belonging, but we do our best to save those that are the most important to you.

In addition to all that, we can also take care of a mold issue that may have surfaced because the basement flood wasn’t detected and dealt with quickly. You just won’t find a more thorough company that can tackle every single aspect of a basement flood as well as we do at TMS Property Solutions. Call us today and let us restore your basement efficiently and effectively.