Water Removal, Mooresville, NC

One call gets it all – from water removal to water damage repair for your Mooresville home.

Water Removal in Mooresville, North Carolina

Indoor plumbing was an invention that completely changed our homes, and when all is working properly, the water runs through the pipes to where it is demanded without incidence. A major leak such as a ruptured pipe or a backup in the sewer/septic system can suddenly make you wonder if indoor plumbing is as wonderful as you think. Don’t panic, however, because we have you covered. Our technicians at TMS Property Solutions are available 24/7 to take care of water removal.

We go further than most water removal companies in that we can take care of the flood damage restoration for you, as well. If your flood situation has caused damage, we’ll have everything working right again. We can take care of any reconstruction, including drywall repair and painting. If your flood was extensive, we can also move your affected belongings to storage so that the area and the items can be restored. We can’t fix everything, but we have a pretty good track record.

You can count on us for prompt service for your water removal needs so that your home can be saved from the detrimental effects of standing water. If you didn’t notice the problem right away and now mold has taken up residence, we can take care of removing that, as well. We understand that your main goal is to get your home back to its original condition as soon as possible, so we do everything in our power to arrange for that. We can also work with your insurance company if you decide to put in a claim and have the appropriate coverage. Call us today, and let’s get you nice and dry again.