Flood Damage Restoration, Mooresville, NC

We handle flood damage restoration in the Mooresville area, from water extraction all the way through the complete restoration of your property.

Flood Damage Restoration in Mooresville, North Carolina
Adverse weather, broken pipes, and firefighter efforts can all result in your Mooresville, North Carolina property needing flood damage restoration. Although there are many causes for water damage, there is one definitive answer for restoring your property – our professionals at TMS Property Solutions. While other companies handle just the cleanup, we do everything right through the flood damage restoration, so your house is back to normal.

We begin by answering your call any time of the day or night to get to your property promptly to minimize the continued damage that results when there is a flood situation. By getting the water out quickly, there is a better likelihood of salvaging some materials and belongings, as well as avoiding mold, which can begin growing in just one or two days, making the flood damage restoration more involved and costly.

We are more than happy to help you with the initial paperwork for your insurance company, and we will work with them throughout your flood damage restoration, taking the burden of that communication off your shoulders. We have developed a strong working relationship with major insurance companies that will make the process easier for you and may improve the outcome of your claim in some cases.

Our company was established in 2005 and continues to grow through the addition of specially trained staff to deal with the complex issues involved. We have the proper certifications for water and mold remediation, so you are assured of a successful result. If you need flood damage restoration, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about water extraction through reconstruction.