Smoke Damage Restoration, Mooresville, NC

We have years of smoke damage restoration experience in the Mooresville area with proven techniques for eliminating the odors.

Smoke Damage Restoration in Mooresville, North Carolina
Even a small fire in your Mooresville, North Carolina home can result in more mess than you expect. Not only do you have those things that were damaged by the fire, but you also have water from putting the fire out, as well as smoke. In fact, the smoke can be the most difficult to deal with because it permeates fabrics such as upholstery, clothing, window treatments, and even your home’s structural materials. It can get into the HVAC system and be recirculated over and over again. The best thing to do if you experience a fire calls us at TMS Property Solutions to learn about our comprehensive smoke damage restoration services.

We have years of experience, which enables us to get to every nook and cranny where the smoke has reached and eliminated the odor. This means much more than just covering it up with air freshener or some other pleasant scent. That is not a lasting result and not acceptable. Our techniques go beyond that, so the smoke odor will not return.

Some items can be cleaned to remove the smoke odor, but others need to be replaced. We have the expertise to know which is which, so we are able to salvage as much of your belongings as possible. We can also work directly with your insurance company to manage your claim, so your home and belongings can be restored or replaced to your complete satisfaction. The sooner you call us after a fire, the sooner we can take care of your smoke damage restoration and get your home ready for you to move back in safely. Call us today with any questions you may have.

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