Fire Damage, Mooresville, NC

Let us help get rid of fire damage fast in your Mooresville home or business.

Fire Damage in Mooresville, North Carolina
After you have had a fire in your home or business in Mooresville, North Carolina, all you want to do is return your life to normal as quickly as possible. Taking care of fire damage can be a very stressful undertaking. We want to help you and your family through this difficult time and take some of the stress out of your lives. When you give us a call at TMS Property Solutions, you know that you are going to get help from professionals who are fully trained and insured. We can work directly with your insurance company to help pay for your fire damage repair and restoration.

While we are cleaning your home or business to repair your fire damage, we have storage available and can even help try to restore and clean your possessions, so you have fewer losses. Right after you have a fire at your home or business, you may be unsure about what to do next. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure you talk to emergency responders before you reenter your property. Be aware that you may not be allowed to reenter the property if it is deemed unsafe.
  • Alert any occupants or employees who were not present at the time of the fire.
  • Call your insurance company. If you rent the property, contact your landlord and make sure they contact their insurance company.
  • Get a copy of the fire report from the fire department.

Contact a company like TMS Property Solutions to help you assess the fire damage and make recommendations about repair and restoration to your property.

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