Black Mold, Mooresville, NC

If you suspect black mold in your Mooresville home, give us a call right away for effective removal and restoration.

Black Mold in Mooresville, North Carolina

Seeing what looks like black mold in your Mooresville, North Carolina home is enough to send anyone into a panic. You’ve heard all the horror stories about the toxic properties and health problems that can result from mold, and you are understandably concerned. Our experts at TMS Property Solutions want you to know that just because mold is black in color does not mean it is necessarily the highly toxic black mold that you have heard about. However, it is still definitely something to have removed from your home by a professional because any species of mold can be harsh on the respiratory system.

We have the expertise to take care of your black mold situation safely, as well as deal with the underlying cause and the restoration of any surfaces that may have become damaged by the mold spores. As a full-service mold remediation company, we can also work with your insurance company. We know the various techniques to use to avoid having the mold spores further scattered throughout your home. We take the appropriate precautions so that your black mold issue is resolved for the long term.

If you see black mold, don’t panic – just give us a call, and we’ll come to your home to assess the situation and provide you with the answers you seek. If you do not see mold but suspect it is hiding because you have detected its odor or are experiencing respiratory problems, we can help you with that, too, as we are good at finding where it is hiding. Call us today, and let’s get your home’s indoor air quality back to where it should be for the health of your family, pets, and guests.