Water Damage Repair, Huntersville, NC

When you need water damage repair, you can trust our technicians.

Water Damage Repair in Huntersville, NC

Water damage can impact residential and commercial properties very quickly. Water usually comes from broken fixtures, damaged appliances, cracked pipes, and clogged drains. If you notice any signs of a plumbing problem, such as a slow-moving drain, wet spots on the floor around your drains or appliances, or the sound of rushing water, it’s important to bring in a plumber as soon as possible. After the problem is resolved, our team at TMS Property Solutions can take care of the b.

When you experience a flood at your Huntersville, North Carolina property, you can contact us at any time. We’re available for water damage repair anytime you experience a flood, so don’t hesitate to call us to begin the process of cleanup. When you’re dealing with moisture, time is of the essence, so getting our team members in to start making the plan to clean up the damage can make a big difference in the next steps. If you act quickly, we may be able to dry out the damage with industrial fans and dehumidifiers. However, waiting too long can lead to more severe damage and mold growth, which will require more extensive repairs.

Our team members use moisture-detecting equipment to figure out how far the water has spread and make sure to dry it out efficiently. When you need water damage repair, you can trust our technicians. We’ll take care of your home or business to preserve anything we can while removing all damaged materials safely and efficiently.


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