fire damage restorationIt is tempting to turn a fire damage restoration situation into a DIY project because it seems straightforward to toss everything out, clean up, and get on with your life. However, not working with a fire damage restoration professional could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. Here are the dangers involved that you might not have thought about:

  • Health Hazards – A fire creates a wide variety of nasty contaminants that can cause all sorts of health problems if you are exposed. Fumes and soot linger well after a fire is extinguished and there are other contaminants that are a direct result of the firefighter efforts as well. Trying to do fire damage restoration yourself could result in serious illness.
  • Equipment – You’d quickly realize that there is a bit of equipment involved with getting the area cleaned up and beginning the process of fire damage restoration. Your insurance company won’t pay for the specialized equipment you’ll need to deep clean and salvage your belongings.
  • Inexperience – In some ways, you can make things worse because you don’t know the proper way to handle things, like smoke-damaged clothing, properly.
  • Tossing Everything – An inexperienced person will usually throw everything out, but a fire damage restoration professional has a trained eye for salvageable goods, which could minimize your loss. They also know the proper way to dispose of items that aren’t salvageable.
  • Insurance – A professional fire damage restoration company can help you avoid the mistake of completing claim forms incorrectly. That mistake could result in lower claim funds being paid to you.
  • Best Use of Time – The fire damage restoration process takes longer than you might think and will keep you from things that are a better use of your time, such as getting back to work to keep your income flowing.

Here at TMS Property Solutions, we believe hiring us for fire damage restoration is your best bet to avoid health hazards, equipment purchases, inexperience-related mistakes, and the headache of dealing with the insurance claim. You’ll find our services to be affordable and effective, making it easy to choose us over tackling it as a DIY project.